Jon Jones offers fiery response to Chael Sonnen ‘birth’ joke: ‘You’re so beneath me it’s pathetic’

Jon Jones offers fiery response to Chael Sonnen ‘birth’ joke: ‘You’re so beneath me it’s pathetic’

The beef between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen appears to be far from over.

On Sunday, former light heavyweight champion (and soon-to-be UFC heavyweight) tweeted out that he essentially had some big plans in store for everybody. Of course, any chance Sonnen can get to take a shot at his rival will not be wasted.

I’m about to give birth to something big, something out of the ordinary.

— BONY (@JonnyBones) May 24, 2021

There’s more elegant ways to let the world know you picked up a Laxative company as a sponsor

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 24, 2021

A couple of days went by without a retort from Jones—at least that has been made public on social media—and Sonnen, to nobody’s surprise, took another opportunity to get the attention of Jones using some of his photoshop skills.

Jon Jones is giving birth…to what?

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021

This time, Sonnen was successful as Jones responded with a pair of now deleted tweets.

“Does your wife think about me as much as you do,” Jones asked. “Why is my d*ck constantly in your mouth? Get over me already.”

“As successful as you are it’s crazy to see you living in my shadow the way you do,” Jones continued. “Just remember losers focus on winners.”

The two rivals were paired up in April 2013 in the main event of UFC 159 where Jones successfully defended his title via first-round TKO. “Bones” vacated the light heavyweight title in 2020 and has been bulking up for a move to heavyweight. While the MMA world wants to see Jones challenge new champion Francis Ngannou, according to UFC President Dana White, Ngannou will make his first title defense against Derrick Lewis later this year.

Jones wasn’t done responding to Sonnen, as he directed more later-deleted insults at the multi-time title challenger.

Jones has since deleted the entire storm of tweets, but not before asking observers to save and send his comments directly to Sonnen.

It doesn’t seem as if we’ll be seeing a friendly collaboration between Jones and Sonnen in the near future.

As a matter of fact, the tweets continued on throughout Tuesday:

Now Jon, that was hurtful…

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021

You’ve got some grammar problems there, (former) Champ

Spend a little less $ on Tequila and a little more on an editor

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021

I beat you

I tore your toe off


— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021

You tried to play Chess against Dana White when you can’t win at Checkers against Betty White. You’re alone, bitter, & bored
Come grapple on SUG again
I gotchoo

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021


Got your SUG contract here.
FedExing to you at the intersection of Irrelevant Ave and Obscurity St, Nowheresville, USA

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) May 25, 2021

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