Mike Tyson welcomes Evander Holyfield trilogy ‘if the people want it’

Mike Tyson welcomes Evander Holyfield trilogy ‘if the people want it’

Mike Tyson’s upcoming exhibition bout could be just the first step in a comeback of sorts.

On Nov. 28, Tyson, 54, heads back into the ring when he faces fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match set to take place at Staples Center in Los Angeles. With Jones just a few months shy of his 52nd birthday, one would assume that this is a one-off for both men, but if there’s enough interest Tyson is open to possibly extending his return.


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Tyson spoke to Jim Gray during halftime of Monday Night Football and responded positively to the suggestion of a third fight with rival Evander Holyfield.

“That’s always something that we can do if the people want it, if it’s pragmatic enough, I’d love to do it,” Tyson said.

Tyson and Holyfield were involved in two of the most memorable heavyweight championship boxing bouts of the past 30 years. When they first fought in November 1996, Holyfield became just the second man to beat Tyson, defeating “Iron Mike” by 11th-round TKO and claiming Tyson’s World Boxing Association title.

Their rematch was arguably even more memorable. In June 1997, Holyfield-Tyson 2 ended in controversial fashion when Tyson was disqualified in the third round after biting Holyfield’s ear. It’s unclear if Holyfield would have any interest in fighting again, even in an exhibition, as he last competed in 2011.

Tyson was also asked if he’d consider attempting an actual run back to a major title fight, a possibility that intrigued him even as he noted that he’s not seriously considering anything yet beyond his exhibition bout with Jones.

“Man, that would be a novelty,” Tyson said. “Me using my skills, matching my skills now against the best heavyweights in the world, that would be mind-boggling.”

For now, Tyson is focused solely on Nov. 28, and he’s confident that he and Jones have a lot left to offer.

“‘Old guys’ – that word don’t even make sense,” Tyson said. “‘Old.’ It’s just a new time, a new thinking period in our lives. This is what we want to do. Sometimes the gods of war, they revive you and say, ‘You have to do more.’ Now I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t prepare for this. I box people to see if I’m able do this stuff, so I can do this stuff.”

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