Missed Fists: Fighter needs only one leg kick to down opponent, more

Missed Fists: Fighter needs only one leg kick to down opponent, more

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

While we’re celebrating the return of the UFC, let’s remember that MMA has been happening in Belarus and is still happening. That’s right, this week we’re staying in the country that brought you UFC Jacksonville winner Andrei Arlovski to cover highlights from three recent events that went down in the capital of Minsk.

First, let us pay our respects.

Eugene Sleptsov vs. Roman Pasyukov
Denis Maher vs. Evgeniy Vorona
Evgeny Manko vs. Artem Labkov
Ivan Semenyuk vs. Daniil Prohorenko

Let’s work our way backwards, starting with Belarusian Fight Championship 52, which took place just yesterday.

As with many of the recent Belarus events, the caliber of fighter enlisted for competition leaves something to be desired, but we here at Missed Fists headquarters tip our cap to all of these brave souls willing to step into the cage under less than ideal conditions.

That said, if Roman Pasyukov looked like an amateur after eating this leg kick from Eugene Sleptsov, it’s probably because as far as we know he’s some kid that was plucked from the audience. A quick search for the odds on this fight (yes, someone posted Belarusian Fight Championship 52 odds) reveals that Pasyukov was as high as an 8-1 underdog.

Should have been higher.

Eugene Sleptsov (4-0) TKO’s Roman Pasyukov with a single low kick. Alright then #BFC52 pic.twitter.com/jLFnlB3HaB

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 14, 2020

Your eyes do not deceive you, that one leg kick is all it took to have Pasyukov looking for an exit. The referee did not acknowledge that reaction and poor Pasyukov had to endure a few more punches before the fight was called off.

Watch that strike again. Either Sleptsov has an iron shin or Pasyukov’s leg is not unlike kindling. Maybe both.

In the main event, middleweight champion Denis Maher continued the unbeaten start to his career by sitting down Evgeniy Vorona with a cracking right hand.

BFC 52 main event: Denis Maher (7-0) TKO’s Evgeniy Vorona. And still BFC Middleweight champ. #BFC52 pic.twitter.com/IhOME4iQTZ

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 14, 2020

Maher, 25, improved to 7-0 as a pro. His previous two opponents had a combined record of 0-0, but still!

Evgeniy Sibirsky-Manko makes quick work of Artem Labkov with some mean first round GNP #BFC52 pic.twitter.com/isgL8cg2Ur

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 14, 2020

I don’t know what Artem Labkov (don’t say it) did to anger Evgeny Manko, but that ground-and-pound finish looked personal. This wasn’t a fighter with superior position timing his shots, Manko was winging punches hard and fast, looking like he was trying to literally puncture Labkov’s defenses.

One of the more experienced fighters on the card at 4-5 heading into this one, Manko knew what he was doing. He was looking to hurt.

Lastly, we don’t get to see the following technique performed like this in the major leagues much anymore due to competent submission defense being more commonplace, so let’s just appreciate this armbar from mount by Ivan Semenyuk for what it is.

Ivan Simenyuk submits Daniil Prohorenko via first round armbar #BFC52 pic.twitter.com/tP9XlZ026i

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 14, 2020

Igor Molchanov vs Jahondir Mamadiyarov
Azamat Dzhamkhatov vs. Andrey Tikhonov

Two weeks ago, at Belarusian Fighting Championship 51, we saw another highlight-reel kick end a fight, though this one was of the more traditional to-the-head variety.

First round head kick by Igor Molchanov #BFC51 pic.twitter.com/EhC51yUajt

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 30, 2020

That sounded like Igor Molchanov slapped his man in the face, which he kind of did though with his whole shin. It might not look like Jahondir Mamadiyarov was knocked out cold by that, but you can see that all systems were essentially shut down well before Molchanov followed up for the finish.

As good as Manko’s ground-and-pound was, he takes second place to Azamat Dzhamkhatov absolutely bludgeoning Andrey Tikhonov from inside his guard.

Azamat Jamhatov KO’s Andrey Tikhonov pic.twitter.com/yP5fPifLDL

— Streetfight Banned-cho (@streetfitebncho) April 30, 2020

Dzhamkhatov vs. Tikhonov was the main event of BFC 51 and the 24-year-old Dzhamkhatov certainly impressed against a more experienced opponent, improving to 3-0 with none of his fights lasting longer than 95 seconds.

Sergey Alekseevich vs. Aleksandr Kudin
Pavel Pahomenko vs. Pavel Rodionov
Mergen Orazmyradov vs. Sergey Vladislav
Rustam Dzhaychiev vs. Igor Kindruk
Mikhail Hramovich vs. Makar Yanuk
Vladislav Pozhnyak vs. Andrey Skolush

M-1 Global has also made a temporary home for itself in Minsk and they held a show there on May 9, co-promoted alongside New Fighting Generation.

That main event saw light heavyweight Sergey Alekseevich (7-3) put away an over-matched Aleksandr Kudin (1-1) in the second round with beautiful short uppercut.

Nasty uppercut KO by Sergey Alekseevich in the main event #RoadToVictory pic.twitter.com/UMDIV2mzA7

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

That would have been the finish of the show were it not for Pavel Pahomenko definitively winning the battle of the Pavels with this 27-second scarf choke submission of Pavel Rodionov.

Pavel Pahomenko with a very Oleynik-like performance. 25 second scarf hold choke. #RoadToVictory pic.twitter.com/8NO4PrF9jl

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

Just 2-0, Pahomenko clearly knows what he’s doing at this stage of his career and that’s always encouraging. Double leg, advance to mount, slap on the choke, and be home in time for dinner. Given the difference in, well, everything between the two fighters, it’s fair to say that Rodionov did his job and provided a warm body for Pahomenko, so good on him for that.

Up next, we have a pair of armbar submission attempts by Mergen Orazmyradov and Rustam Dzhaychiev, one failed and one successful.

Mergen Orazmyradov TKO’s Sergey Vladislav. Surprised he survived the armbar #RoadToVictory

Note: this promotion has no association with ACB/ACA pic.twitter.com/immvdGPBX3

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

Rustam Dzhaychiev submits Igor Kindruk via 1st round armbar #RoadToVictory pic.twitter.com/pj5l6OGVfH

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

In Orazmyradov’s case, his opponent Sergey Vladislav probably should have just tapped to that armbar. He would have saved himself a world of hurt. Instead, he just had to be a warrior and go out on his back. Even then, he makes Orazmyradov work for his second pro win.

Dzhaychiev’s armbar attempt is much more successful, though he does have to deal with some feisty defense from Sergey Vladislav, who seriously looks like he’s trying to make Dzhaychiev smell his feet. Gross and ineffective.

The last time we saw Makar Yanuk, he was getting drilled by Wanderlei-esque knees. His second Missed Fists appearance is arguably worse.

Mikhail Hramovich submits Makar Yanuk via standing guillotine #RoadToVictory pic.twitter.com/ggACK3d7JN

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

Mikhail Hramovich seemingly has Yanuk dead to rights with a standing guillotine choke and he just lets go, perhaps thinking Yanuk is unconscious? The ref doesn’t step in, so Hramovich calmly reapplies the choke and seconds later we get an official end to the bout. That whole sequence was a new one for me.

Let’s hope if Yanuk appears in Missed Fists again, the third time’s a charm.

Speaking of charm, Andrey Skolush showed plenty of it when he briefly broke out some dance moves that would make Cody Garbrandt jealous in his fight with Vladislav Pozhnyak.

Did this dude just start doing the robot? pic.twitter.com/GJW1w5amY9

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 9, 2020

As is so often the case, popping-and-locking failed to be a useful background discipline in MMA and Skolush ended up on the wrong end of a split decision.

What was the most memorable Missed Fists moment this week?

  • Eugene Sleptsov’s lethal leg kick

  • Igor Molchanov kicks a man’s beard off

  • Azamat Dzhamkhatov’s ground-and-pound KO

  • Sergey Alekseevich’s uppercut

  • Pavel Pahomenko’s fast scarf choke

  • Other (leave comment below)

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    Eugene Sleptsov’s lethal leg kick
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    Igor Molchanov kicks a man’s beard off
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    Azamat Dzhamkhatov’s ground-and-pound KO
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  • 0%
    Sergey Alekseevich’s uppercut
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  • 50%
    Pavel Pahomenko’s fast scarf choke
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    Other (leave comment below)
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