Morning Report: Floyd Mayweather responds to Conor McGregor’s retirement: ‘If you decide to come back, I will be waiting to punish you again’

Morning Report: Floyd Mayweather responds to Conor McGregor’s retirement: ‘If you decide to come back, I will be waiting to punish you again’

This past weekend was a crazy one for the world of MMA. Amanda Nunes reinforced her status as the greatest female fighter ever, Cody Garbrandt reminded everyone exactly what he’s capable of, and Jorge Masvidal went to war with the UFC over fighter pay. But coming out of UFC 250, the biggest story wasn’t any of that. It was that on Saturday night, Conor McGregor, once again retired from the sport.

McGregor’s retirement announcement was oddly timed as the former two-weight world champion is not currently in the middle of a contract negotiation with the UFC. Instead, the UFC wants McGregor to wait until the end of the year to face the winner of the yet-to-be-announced lightweight title fight between champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim champion Justin Gaethje. Explaining his decision, McGregor said that “the game just does not excite me.” Well, maybe Floyd Mayweather can change that.

On Sunday, McGregor posted an image of a retirement cake to his Instagram, and it didn’t take long for Mayweather to react in the comments.

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A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Jun 7, 2020 at 9:34am PDT

Floyd Mayweather comment from Conor McGregor IG

“If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you tell Mike Tyson you could beat me if we fought a second time? Now you’re quitting! I thought you wanted to beat the best? Well, if you decide to come back, I will be waiting to punish you again.”

McGregor and Mayweather fought in a lucrative boxing match in 2017 dubbed “The Money Fight” that saw Mayweather win by tenth-round TKO. Since then, McGregor has consistently lobbied for a rematch, and just last month renewed his calls for another crack at Mayweather. However, McGregor isn’t the only retired fighter in this duo. Following The Money Fight, Mayweather retired from professional boxing, doing a handful of exhibition bouts but nothing serious. Still, Mayweather has never been far from rumors of a potential return, and in a previous interview with FightHype, admitted that McGregor is one of the few people who could entice him back to the ring.

“If I see an opportunity where I can entertain and have a little fun and make $600 million, why not?,” Mayweather said. “And if I was to come back, why come back and fight a fighter that only can sell out little cities? I like to face guys that got countries behind them. If I am gonna do something, it’s got to be worth it.”

A bout with McGregor would certainly be “worth it”. Their previous contest was the second-highest rated pay-per-view event in history, with Mayweather earning a reported $275 million and McGregor $125 million. With both men looking for something that is going to excite them, it’s hard to imagine anything more enticing.


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Jorge keeps going.

I’m in a contract that I had to take to get paid. Same way I got a new contract to fight till. Then a new contract to fight Nate. They keep extending the amounts of fights to my contract to keep me locked up and when I say I only want a 4 fight contract it’s take it or leave it.

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) June 7, 2020

The negotiation is take it or leave it. If I lose you can cut me and not pay out the rest of the contract. If I win I’m not in a position to renegotiate the contract? My dad left a communist regime and has prepared me my whole life

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) June 7, 2020

Why are all the major names having issues? Conor, Jones, cejudo. We have to take it or retire. I love fighting and this is the fight of our lives

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) June 7, 2020

I can’t leave. They own me until they cut me or I fight out my contract #depinga

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) June 7, 2020

I brought down some of the best wrestlers on the planet for camp. Don’t tell me I didn’t want to fight. July 11th there was a baptism planned #theresurrection

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) June 7, 2020


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Thank you @amanda_leoa for the experience- it was an honor to share the octagon with you. Congratulations again on making history. … I know I let many of you down – mostly myself. BUT as always i do leave with my head up and a smile knowing I’ve been given an experience so few can get. Thanks for the support everyone.

A post shared by Felicia “The FeeNom” Spencer (@feenom479) on Jun 6, 2020 at 11:20pm PDT

Fought a veteran with more UFC fights than I have years of being alive, and I went the distance with him. It was a tough fight, and he had a solid game plan and good defense. Now it’s time to suck it up, get back to the gym, work on the stand up move on to the next one

— Chase Hooper (@chase_hooper) June 7, 2020

Welp made a mistake and paid for it, s*** sucks. Dust myself and hop back on that horse as soon as I can. #UFC250

— Gerald Meerschaert (@The_Real_GM3) June 7, 2020

I fought hard out there but didn’t get the job done. proud of my performance but def upset to not take that next step up in the rankings. One thing I know is Cody’s brother would be very proud that he went out there tonight kept it together and got it done. Congrats @CodyStamann

— Brian Kelleher (@brianboom135) June 7, 2020

Infinite respect to Cody Stamann.

This was a hard interview. Thanks @joerogan for the respect you showed me. You’re a beautiful person.

— Cody Stamann (@CodyStamann) June 7, 2020

Like they said . . .

“There’s no one left in the division”… I’m right here guys ‍♀️

Say whatever tf you want but just wait.. #UFC250

— Megan Anderson (@MeganA_mma) June 7, 2020

Jon Jones responds to Dana.

It’s not a matter of not wanting to fight, I committed my whole life to this trade. The issue is not being able to go anywhere else. @espn

— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) June 8, 2020

Because they like the taste of boots.

Seeing a lot of people give their opinions on Ufc fighters and their pay, etc but the worst part is seeing the ignorant shit people are telling the fighters who work their ass off, put their body and brain on the line to make 6 grand after taxes/fee that they need to suck it up

— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) June 7, 2020

Or tell them they should have renegotiated (they can’t) or that’s what they signed up for. Why are people cheerleading the big company that doesn’t compensate the fighters appropriately? It baffles me @JonnyBones @GamebredFighter need to be paid appropriately as do all fighters

— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) June 7, 2020

Gray Maynard weighs in.

I did get a bonus after. But walking to the cage I was only contractually guaranteed $26k. That’s the frustrating part. Our gauranteed money is always so low. It’s like we are working on tips. I don’t think that’s right. We’re a fighters not a strippers.

— Gray Maynard (@GrayMaynard) June 7, 2020


The time has come. Who’s ready!?#SM #AndStil

— Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocic) June 7, 2020

you’re done !

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) June 8, 2020

It’s been almost a year now so stop fighting on social media and sign the contract on your desks and let’s move on #UNCROWNEDCHAMP

— Francis Ngannou (@francis_ngannou) June 8, 2020

Cejudo responds to Sean O’Malley.

An Olympic Gold medal, 2 division world champion in the UFC (defended both belts) and let’s not forget my first girlfriend ever @amandadallagoc That’s one hell of a career if you ask me you dirty q-tip. @sugaseanmma ❤️ #Thelegendsoflegends

— Henry Cejudo (@HenryCejudo) June 8, 2020

Trash talk.

All my opponents have been top tier for the past 3 years. The best welterweights out there. So I’ve struggled a bit. To have a weak ass opponent like @mickeygall for a real paycheck is a dream come true. Lol thanks @ufc

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) June 7, 2020

Jon Bones and his Dog looking for cocaine.

— Paulo Costa ( Borrachinha ) (@BorrachinhaMMA) June 8, 2020

Call out.

Hey @karatehottiemma I heard you’re down to scrap, let’s get it on in the Apex, promise I won’t do what Aljo said he’d do to Yan

— Angela Hill (@AngieOverkill) June 7, 2020


The fights keep coming!

See you June 13th on ESPN+

— UFC (@ufc) June 4, 2020




Crazy weekend. You’d think the UFC might look at the surroundings and think “hmm, we should probably do something before all our big stars figure this out.” But nope. Just gonna double down on old tactics. Let’s see if it still works.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.


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