Stipe Miocic: Francis Ngannou might not be as technical as Jon Jones but ‘he hits super hard’

Stipe Miocic: Francis Ngannou might not be as technical as Jon Jones but ‘he hits super hard’

Jon Jones moving up to heavyweight for a showdown with terrifying knockout artist Francis Ngannou would undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated fights in 2020.

While UFC president Dana White has doubts about the fight ever happening, whichi followed Jones’ declaration that the promotion wasn’t willing to up the ante for a paycheck worthy of facing Ngannou, it’s impossible not to think about how that matchup would play out.

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic would certainly have a vested interest in that fight considering Ngannou is already widely considered the No. 1 contender in the division. Add to that, Miocic was the first person to hand Ngannou a defeat in the UFC when they met back in 2018.

Because Jones is widely considered the top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, Miocic would undoubtedly welcome that challenge as well. That’s why he would love to see that fight come to fruition if the UFC could strike a deal to make Jones vs. Ngannou.

“That would be a good fight,” Miocic told MMA Fighting. “Interesting matchup. I think anyone fighting [Ngannou] is a tough fight cause he’s so explosive and he hits super hard. That’s the one equalizer.

“He might not be as technically sound as Jon Jones but he does have power.”

Miocic experienced that power when he went 25 minutes with Ngannou at UFC 220

He may have avoided the knockout blow but Miocic knows the kind of power that Ngannou packs behind every shot he throws. Even glancing blows from Ngannou left Miocic with cuts and bruises all over his face when the fight was finished.

It’s for that reason Miocic cautions Jones or anybody else setting foot inside the Octagon to do battle with Ngannou because making a single mistake against him could be fatal.

“I definitely think [Jones] can win with a great game plan but like I said anything can happen,” Miocic said. “You’re wearing small gloves, heavyweight division, dude throwing bombs. Anything can happen honestly.”

It remains to be seen if the UFC will revisit the matchup considering both Jones and Ngannou seem more than ready to sign on the dotted line once a financial agreement has been met.

As for Miocic, he’s awaiting his own return to action with a planned trilogy against Daniel Cormier expected to be his next challenge and then maybe he’ll be able to look forward to a rematch with Ngannou or a superfight with Jones.

“I’ll be fighting before the end of the year, no question,” Miocic said. “100 percent.”

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