UFC Vegas 13 video: Darren Elkins chokes out Eduardo Garagorri after back-and-forth battle 

UFC Vegas 13 video: Darren Elkins chokes out Eduardo Garagorri after back-and-forth battle 

Darren Elkins seems to live up to his nickname in every fight but after a back-and-forth battle at UFC Vegas 13, he pulled off a submission win.

“The Damage” had to endure some hard shots landed by opponent Eduardo Garagorri before he eventually found a way to latch onto a rear-naked choke to put an end to the contest at 2:22 in the third round. It was an important victory for Elkins, who had dropped four fights in a row prior to his victory on Saturday night.

“It’s good to be back in the win column,” Elkins said afterwards. “We thought we’d get a submission and we’d break him and it turned out just like we thought.”

Non stop pressure @DarrenElkinsMMA brought the damage on his way to securing the choke!

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— UFC (@ufc) November 8, 2020

As the fight got started, Elkins immediately turned to his wrestling as he brought Garagorri crashing to the ground on multiple occasions while looking to display his grappling dominance. While Elkins definitely looked like the stronger fighter on the ground, his ability to drag Garagorri down to the mat got a little more difficult as time passed.

That’s when Garagorri started to turn the tide by feeding Elkins a steady diet of jabs that started off a number of stiff combinations. He capped off a strong second round by rattling Elkins with a series of punches in the third round that seemingly had the Team Alpha Male fighter on wobbly legs.

Needless to say, Elkins was staggered but not defeated.

When he found an opening to take Garagorri’s back, Elkins leapt on the opportunity and then quickly sunk his arm under the chin to lock up the submission. As Garagorri fell back down to the ground, he was forced to tap out with Elkins jumping to his feet to celebrate the win.

At 36, Elkins acknowledged that he’s not sure exactly how much more time he has left in his fighting career but he’s still one of the toughest outs in the 145-pound division so he’s not going anywhere just yet.

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