UFC Vegas 14 results: Ashley Yoder wins unanimous decision after Miranda Granger saved by the bell

UFC Vegas 14 results: Ashley Yoder wins unanimous decision after Miranda Granger saved by the bell

Ashley Yoder was just seconds away from earning a submission win but instead she’ll go home from UFC Vegas 14 with a unanimous decision win.

While a large part of her strawweight clash with Miranda Granger was a stalemate, Yoder nearly sunk in a rear-naked choke with just seconds remaining in the fight as she sought to get her first UFC finish. Granger refused to give up, however, but Yoder still walked away with the victory with the judges scoring the fight 30-26, 29-26 and 27-26 in her favor.

“I like to be MMA,” Yoder said following her win. “I want to do that ground and pound. I do believe if we had at least five more seconds, I was pushing my hips in and I think she was pretty tired. She was a tough girl.”


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— UFC (@ufc) November 15, 2020

It was a classic striker versus grappler battle throughout as Granger was looking to show off her hands while Yoder was quick to drag the action down to the mat. After the fight hit the ground, Yoder began looking for a knee bar but Granger escaped and then started to rain down some punches from the top.

Unfortunately Granger stuck around inside Yoder’s guard for just a little too long because she was soon defending a triangle choke. Yoder wasn’t able to fully sink in the submission but she made Granger well aware of her grappling skills.

While Yoder was able to employ her wrestling multiple times throughout the final two rounds, she really didn’t put Granger in any serious danger. Still, she was the attacking fighter with Granger stuck defending for the majority of the fight.

Midway through the third round, Yoder did manage to move into the mount and then seeking a rear-naked choke when Granger did her best to turn out of a bad position. Yoder continued her ground assault with a barrage of punches, which then led to her taking Granger’s back yet again.

This time, Yoder had her choke sunk in deep and it appeared Granger was on the precipice of tapping out or potentially going to sleep but the horn sounded before the submission could finish the fight.

Coming off two losses in a row, Yoder was probably in must-win territory and she got the job done with her performance on Saturday night to earn the unanimous decision. Overall, Yoder is now 3-5 in her UFC career.

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